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Character Profiling

Mastering Success

“Building a world of great character one person at a time” Mary G. Crampton
What do you look like? The average person will establish a judgment about you within the first 15 seconds of seeing you. It will generally take hours if not days of solid evidence for that average person to change their judgment of you. So what! Why do I care about what other people think of me? If you are among those people who say—“Why do I care”— Or,—“I  do not care, what other people think of me”—then I am confident to say, you ARE one of those, average persons, who is looking at you. In Character Profiling, the first thing we do is look at your silhouette. The first question I will ask, “If you were to walk through that door, what will I see?” Take away the details … How do you stand? How do you carry yourself? From there, we start adding details. What do you like about your features? What do you not like? And why? The value of a thing, is held within the appraisal of the thing. You are a thing… Who appraises the value, of you? In Character Profiling, we will ask you to complete what we call a Perception Profile. This will be your first reflection of your appraised value. I am highly confident, you will NOT see, what I will see in you. The word Character holds the meaning of an engraved mark. Words chiseled in stone, for a human, this mark is engraved within the heart of you. AnOddBox ®  will help you break away all that is not you so you may discover the core of who you are, and engrave your own Character—Engrave your own mark. “The entrance of your Character, speaks louder than your introduction…” RECrampton 
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