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“Building a world of great character one person at a time” Mary G. Crampton
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Statistically, one out of every two marriages, end in divorce. Marriage is but a flip of a coin… Until death do us part … Marriage is held together by the power of love—Is it not? There is definitely something to be said about the chemistry of love. Love is a powerfully wonderful experience. I love to Love. But in my premise, loving another means very little, if you do not know the other. I often ask this question: “How the hell can you know someone else, if you do not even know you?” Relationships are about compatibility. Like atoms radiating what they are, they do not give and take, rather they mesh with compatibility to become a molecule of something more. The word Respect means to afford dignity—To allow value. In my premise, I have determined that there are four choices of Respect. I will generally look at everyone I pass as I first choose to be aware of everyone’s value of being here. Often, I will choose a second look to acknowledge another’s value—It is as simple as saying hello. For some, I will choose to think about the value they wish to express—It is a shared conversation. And for a few, I will choose to understand their value. The amount of understanding will determine the degree of compatibility, and ultimately the level of a relationship. A passerby, an acquaintance, a friend, a marriage—Respect for but a brief second, or until death do us part. Respect, however, is a strength of Character which means, Respect belongs to you. Before you can choose to afford dignity to another, you must afford the dignity of you. AnOddBox ®  believes that to achieve the compatibility of relationship, it is to become a molecule of something more. Know you. Know the other. Know the compatibility of being together. We can help each of you create your own map as well as a combined relationship map of compatibility. Use our Character Profiling techniques to find your Engraved Marks of Character, which helps you define and understand the value of and compatibility within a relationship—Any relationship.  “My soul-mate, is the one my soul, chooses…”
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